Internet is the ultimate time killer.


As for most university students, internet is a huge part of my everyday life. True, internet is an important tool for my studies and my phone bill would probably hit the roof without skype. But most of the time I am not using internet for these purposes. Instead I’m; e-mailing, using Facebook, watching movies and clips on YouTube or spend hours on online shopping sites (from which I never buy anything). Last week I even joined twitter, although I quickly gave up, and abandoned the account after less then one day.

Reflecting over my online habits has led to a growing thought: Is internet eating our lives?

By writing this blog I hope to examine the way that we use internet, motivations for people to go online, discuss what we spend our time doing connected to internet and the way it effects our lives. As part of this, I will shut down my home-internet access for 3 full days.

Question is: how will not having any internet affect me and the way I spend my time doing during these 72 hours?


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