Day Three.


Tomorrow I can turn on my home internet access again. It is definitely going to be nice not to have to walk to the library when I want to Skype or search for information.

But I would like to focus on the positive. Because there are a lot of positive things about not having any internet. First of all, I have found that it makes you more accessible to the people around you, which might sound like a contradiction since there is this great myth that internet makes us all more connected to each other. What I mean by more accessible is really more focused. More focused to listen to the individuals who are around me without the distraction of technology. It forces you to keep an conversation going as you can not seek refuge on internet when conversations slows down. And this is a good thing. It is also sending out a powerful message to others – that you value spending time with them.

Secondly, I became more productive during these three days. Over 72 hours I was able to do more of the necessary things then I usually do during a full week. I was able to focus on my module readings, I red a full book cover to cover, I submitted applications for summer jobs and I planned out my days and made more of them.

And last but not least, it allowed me to have more time to do the things I truly like. When I was not super stressed over losing hours by being online for no reason, I had time both to work and play more then before. I ran and worked out every day, I took my longboard to the beach and I spent more time with my friends.

This project has definitely made me happier and although I don’t think I will be shutting down my internet access completely after, I do intend to drastically cut down on my online hours.


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