Not so smartphones.


I think everyone I know has been to a dinner where at least one of the people around their table is an smartphone addict. In my family of four, we have 3 addicts. Everyone but me owns an smartphone, and this is by choice, I just don’t get the hype.

However being online constantly has turned our quality family time to not be of such high quality at all. Because something is always happening on their phones. They have pockets full of distractions.

While my mother refuse to let me read the newspaper during dinner, the other family members are more often then not reading something on their iPhone.


My dad could easily be described as somewhat of a technology-gadget nerd. We have the weirdest stuff you would not even know you needed. For example, the weather sensor, that tells you what the weather is like. You would think going outside would be enough. The gadget closest to dads heart is probably his new sound system, because it can be controlled though the phone. I have to admit, the sound system is awesome. But as my dad now can control his music from his phone via an online Spotify account, he seem to be unable to stop constantly checking up on what is queuing as the next song, or look for other alternatives and constantly checking for new albums.

I remember how in my early teenage years, both me and my brother had a CD player in our room and we use to drive our mother and father nuts by constantly changing song. They use to warn us this behavior would ruin the CD:s by scratching them. Why they did not want Celine Dions CD to go die after 1000 playbacks of “My heart will go on”, I will never understand. But now the tables have turned and they drive us crazy by not making up their minds.

Here is a scenario I think we all can relate to.

You are at a dinner, conversation is flowing freely and everyone seem to have a good time. And then, someone post a question that nobody can come up with the answer to. For example: “What is the weather going to be like tomorrow?“, “What was the name of that scary doll in that scary movie?”, “Is Betty White the only one of the Golden Girls still alive?“. And then there is always some iPhone nerd who picks up their phone. And then one out of two things happen:

1. The iPhone nerd screams out “I have an app for that“. And then everyone waits in silence for the answer, and in their heads they all curse him for being a conversation killer.

2. The iPhone nerd quietly looks up the answer in safari while all others are moving on from the topic. Five minutes later the iPhone nerd goes; “Tomorrow it is going to be sunny between 1-1.30pm, the rest of the day will be cloudy with an average temperature of 15 celsius.” Nobody really cares, but they all lost track of what they were talking of.

Put down your phone and enjoy living in blissful uncertainty.  



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