Final thoughts and reflection.

Writing for this blog has been such an intruiging project. I have stumbled across a vast number of interesting books, articles, youtube clips, documentaries and debates about internet and technology. Although some of them have been mentioned in the blog, others have not, as they might not have related to the specific topics that I have chosen to focus on. If anyone is interested in getting more knowledge about technology and how it affects our life I can truly recommend Sherry Turkles book; Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other (2012). The Minimalists Blog; (the minimalists does not write specifically about technology, but there are some important posts about cutting down on online time) and too keep updated on TEDx talks on YouTube.

Working on this project has made me reflect on everyday life and how it is effected by use of technology and social media in particular. Writing a conclusion at this point is nearly impossible as I am still figuring it out for myself. There is still a lot of things to make up my mind about, for example if I should keep my Facebook account or not. Other things have become more clear to me during the course of this project, the key point being; do not let internet distract you from life. When I am old I do not want too look back on my life and feel like I wasted years in front of a screen.


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